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SEA Foundation

Tivolistraat 22
5017 HP Tilburg
The Netherlands


SEA Foundation is an art organisation with an international signature. It hosts residencies, exchanges, visiting programs and exhibitions. 


We serve emerging and midcarreer practices that are under the radar of institutional and commercial frameworks and that focus on the creation of new content. In our work, production, reflection and learning processes converge along international lines.


The studios of SEA Foundation’s – AiR Tilburg – Artist in Residence program are intended for professionals in the field of contemporary art – artists, curators and art theorists. We offer them time and space for deepening their qualities in a research and experiments-focused environment. To the residencies we add tailored, questioning guidance, which is both reflective and stimulating in nature. The residency consists of 2 living/working studios for one or two people. Each studio has its own bathroom and its own studio-work facilities. The studios of are situated in a lush city garden. They offer privacy and tranquility, and are located in the immediate vicinity of the bustling city centre. Museum de Pont, the Textile Museum and the Nature Museum are within walking distance.

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Tivolistraat 22
5017 HP Tilburg
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 13 544 44 95

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