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SEA Foundation

Tivolistraat 22
5017 HP Tilburg
The Netherlands


SEA Foundation is a Dutch not-for-profit, artist-led organisation in Tilburg. From 2013 we also run an Artist in Residence programme – AiR Tilburg – which attracts artists, curators, and writers to residencies that include bespoke mentoring.


SEA Foundation is a charity, a voluntary-based organization that does not employ personnel. It doesn’t adhere to the logic of an institution. It is an accelerated, agile, network environment that intertwines artistic work and daily life.


SEA Foundation provides residency programmes for artists, curators, and writers that are committed to reflection, experimentation, and production. We offer our residents, focus, dedicated time and an extension of their network. Residencies may result in producing a show, be research-based, a work in progress, and artist’s book. We offer interaction with peers and local partners.

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Tivolistraat 22
5017 HP Tilburg
The Netherlands

+31 (0) 13 544 44 95

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