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Formation – Lorelinde Verhees

Sat 21 November – Mon 21 December
Gastatelier Leo XIII

Partly documentary film, partly collaborative artwork, this short film is an attempt at using current restrictions in a generative, artistic way. Named after the title of the presentation, this work explores the residency space of Gastatelier Leo XIII as a bridge between life and art. Light, atmosphere, architectural and personal elements are drawn together with artworks created during the residency. These include ink and spraypaint drawings on newspaper, tearsheets, collages and personal uniforms.

Artist + mediator: artist in residence Lorelinde Verhees, with philosopher Aukje van Rooden

In collaboration with: visual artist and filmmaker Raquel Vermunt, intern and student Art & Research Hanne van Beek

Formation HD video, no soud
Camera & montage Raquel Vermunt
Recorded fall 2020 Gastatelier Leo XIII Tilburg NL

The video will permanently be shown at the website of Gastatelier Leo XIII

Special thanks to: Raquel Vermunt, Hanne van Beek, Aukje van Rooden, Bas van den Hurk, Sanne Jansen, Teun Gruijters, Gastatelier Leo XIII, Gemeente Tilburg