About AIR platform Brabant

Artist-in-Residence platform Brabant is a collaboration between the providers of artists’ residencies in North Brabant. The term ‘artist in residence’ refers to sites where autonomous or applied artists can live and work for a defined period. These locales offer artists the time and space they need to experiment, reflect and research in order to deepen their professional practice. The programmes hosted by artist-in-residence organisations, which are based on their greater artistic objectives and vision, provide continuity and structure. Within this professional environment, the artists chosen for a residency receive individual guidance and support.

AIR platform Brabant’s objective is to raise the profile of AIR programmes while garnering more attention for participating artists. Heightening the AIRs visibility to the public is certainly called for, but also for the art world, by following the artist’s trajectory and by explaining the added value of the programmes through publications and research. In addition to exchanging knowledge and facilities, the meeting is also afforded a fundamental role. This is why AIR platform Brabant organises gatherings and meetings that are designed to inform, inspire and engage.

Brabant-based artists-in-residence organisations and programmes enhance their position by joining forces and promoting themselves as advocacy organisations. The platform pulls double duty as an instrument for lobbying and as an informative resource for policy, politics and governance. It additionally serves as a home base for forging and maintaining contacts with other sectors as well as national and international networks.

The AIR platform Brabant consists of TAC Eindhoven, De Fabriek, Van Gogh AIR Zundert, Witte Rook, Park Zuiderhout – AiR De Missie, Make Eindhoven, Baltan Laboratories, Gastatelier LeoXIII, Gastatelier ZIN, GlasLab Den Bosch, Annatopia / De Boshut, The Atlas Initiative, Ecodorp Boekel, United Cowboys and Park Tilburg.

The AIR platformBrabant is supported by  Kunstloc Brabant and DutchCulture | TransArtists. The AIR platform Brabant is financially supported through the  impulsgeldenprogramma of the province of Noord-Brabant.