About AIR platform Brabant

The Artist in Residence platform Brabant is a collaboration between the providers of an Artist in Residence program located in the province of Noord-Brabant. Artist in Residence in the meaning of a place where artists can live and work for a certain period. Places where there is room and time for experiment, reflection and research to deepen one’s own professional practice. The program that the Artist in Residence institutions offer provides continuity and structure based on the artistic objectives and vision of the organization. The selected artists are supervised and supported within this professional environment.

The AIR platform Brabant strives for more visibility for the AIR programs and the participating artists. Visibility to the public, but also to the arts, by following the the artist and by explaining the added value of the programs through publications and research. Besides the exchange of knowledge and facilities, the meeting is considered relevant . For that purpose, the AIR platform Brabant organizes meetings and meetings to inform, inspire and engage.

By presenting it jointly, and by presenting it as an interest organization, the Artists in Residence organizations and programs in Brabant strengthen their position. The platform is an instrument for lobbying and informative for policy, administration and politics. In addition, it is a basis for establishing and maintaining contacts with other sectors and (inter) national networks.

The AIR platform Brabant consists of TAC Eindhoven, De Fabriek, Van Gogh AIR Zundert, Witte Rook, Sundaymorning @ ekwc, Beeldenstorm / Daglicht, Baltan Laboratories, Gastatelier LeoXIII, SEA Foundation, Annatopia / De Boshut, The Atlas Initiative, Ecodorp Boekel and Park Tilburg..

The AIR platformBrabant is supported by  Kunstloc Brabant and DutchCulture | TransArtists. The AIR platform Brabant is financially supported through the  impulsgeldenprogramma of the province of Noord-Brabant.