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Introducing Artist in Residence platform Brabant

The recently established Artist in Residence platform Brabant, formerly known as the AIR network Brabant, is organizing a meeting on Friday 24 May in the Lochal in Tilburg. In recent years, various meetings have been organized with Artist in Residence organizations, AIR programs, Kunstloc and TransArtist to better explain the position of the artist in the Brabant art field, and what role the AIRs play in this. The establishment of a partnership in association form is unique in the Netherlands and has received a contribution for this from the impulse money program with the support of Kunstloc.

The new website of AIR platform Brabant will be presented at this meeting with prior explanation by Wouter Koelman of the Mondriaan Fund’s policy with regard to Artist in Residence. Pascal Gielen, professor of cultural sociology, affiliated with the Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts (ARIA) and (co-) author of Contemporary Artist Residencies, Reclaiming Time and Space will hold a book presentation. Marleen Kappe will tell about her own experience from her work period at Park Tilburg.

After the public program there will be three work sessions in which we will look more closely at aspects such as internationalization, talent development and financing.

The meeting is organized by Kunstloc together with AIR platform Brabant and is free of charge, you can register here.