Articles for Internationalisation Research

2020 was slated to be the year of the Internationalisation of the Proeftuin Internationalisering. Due to COVID-19, one could say this has all taken on a slightly different twist than anticipated. But as a subject, it’s no less topical: quite the opposite. The point of departure for this study will be using current events to question the future. It is precisely now, when society appears be at a partial standstill and the crossing of borders is virtually impossible, initiating research into the concept of ‘internationalisation’, which is open to so many interpretations. For this study the objective is to develop a definition of the concept of internationalisation within AIRs in a post-Corona society.

After all, does the closing of borders immediately translate into the stagnation of internationalisation? What, in fact, is being postponed when the duration of these unsettling times is still unclear? Will the societal concept of internationalisation be irrevocably changed? What does this tell us about the values embedded in the concept itself?

Researcher: Liza Voetman

This research is supported by the Mondriaan Fund.

This research consists of a series of articles that are currently only available in Dutch.