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Jessica van Deursen | Daniel Arthuus

Fri 19 June – Sun 21 June
Witte Rook

Jessica van Deusen | The Great Health

Dionysos, the mythical protector of the wilderness, inspired Nietzsche to the idea of ​​“Die Grosse Gesundheit”, in which a society is transience, destruction, disgust, madness, chaos, intense sexual drive, suffering, pain, death, fear, and insecurity, embraces as valuable qualities and considers them as necessary components for a natural balance in life.

Performers Monique and Jessica van Deursen (a.k.a.Alter Moderna) invite you to receive a performative post-covid-19 cleanse. For this exclusive performance you need to e-mail Jessica for a facemask to enter the performance. With a maximum of three persons and three sessions tonight, be quick though to claim the last spots.

Session times Friday June 19:
7:30 – 8:00 PM
8:30 – 9:00 PM
9:30 – 10:00 PM

On Saturday June 20 and Sunday June 21, the exhibition space can be entered freely.

This year Witte Rook connects artists by offering them a joint working period. Artists have their own workplace, but there is room to work together.

During his residence at Witte Rook, Daniel Arthuus transformed his space into a space of reverence for the primitive. Inspired by science, philosophy and religion, Daniel searches for the origin of man and immerses the visitor in an animal world. A world without respect for the ideas of a god.

He also invites everyone for cocktails with gold leaf, cake and sweets to toast our perception of reality. This festive occasion will take place outside this chamber of reverence. Daniel seeks the dialogue between the installation and the outer space, examining the relationship between his convictions of a wicked world and the reality in which he lives with his need to celebrate life.
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Would you like to toast – a meter and a half distance –  on the perception of reality and a covid-19 cleanse? Then sign up, there will be enough facemasks and gold leaf cocktails on Friday. Witte Rook adheres to the one and a half meter protocol.