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GlasLab Den Bosch

Vughterstraat 299
5611 GE Den Bosch


Stichting GlasLab Den Bosch is a contemporary artistic organization and workspace dedicated to flat glass techniques. We challenge professional artists and designers to investigate and innovate in flat glass techniques.

In our workshop they can experiment under the guidance of experienced glaziers and mentors.


Our two experienced glaziers; Ad van den Hoven (master-glazier and coordinator) and Peggy Hermans (glazier) are running GlasLab in Den Bosch. They are also coach and mentor to the artists in residence.
GlasLab Den Bosch is a non-profit organization with a voluntary board, existing of three members.


Every year, four artists are being invited through an open call, to be artist in residence at GlasLab. 
During three months, they will follow their individual program and make an exhibition in the GlasLab Gallery.

Residencies are open to professional artists only. We like them to have a defined research question to deepen their practice and artistic development. It may also be an actual plan for working with flat glass.

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Vughterstraat 299
5611 GE Den Bosch

+316 290 216 06

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