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BioArt Laboratories

Oirschotsedijk 14-10
5651 GC Eindhoven


BioArt Laboratories encourages and facilitates a new generation of makers to use the bio arts hands-on, experimental, critical, transnational, investigative and in dialogue to address social issues for a beautiful, sustainable inclusive world. We have laboratory and rapid-prototyping workshops in historic bunkers, located in a wooded area that exudes tranquility and serendipity. Creative makers get the opportunity to work on their projects with us in a focused way for a period of 12 weeks.

BioArt Laboratories is the National Development Institution for the Biological Arts, where we dedicate ourselves to making the bio-art community a full part of the Dutch cultural system: from the stimulation of bio-art in education, the continuous search to create new connections and to start dialogues in an original way between various disciplines, business sectors and groups from our society, to the setting up of talent development trajectories, programs and exhibition possibilities for emerging makers as a springboard for their further careers. In the coming years, the institution will focus on questioning and redefining human ecology. Central to this is the role of bio-art in the transition to the Symbiocene: an era after the Anthropocene in which humans are no longer the center, but live in symbiosis with nature, culture and technology. BioArt Laboratories is taking the lead with the Symbiocene by developing several innovative projects and programs from this line of research.

BioArt Laboratories has several programs to facilitate and guide talented innovative makers. They have a focus on practical development and production of the work, up to presentation on international platforms such as the Dutch Design Week and upscaling of proof-of-concepts to a pilot phase. For projects that require a more practical approach, BioArt Laboratories offers its artist-in-residence possibilities. For more information about our programs, please check here.

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Oirschotsedijk 14-10
5651 GC Eindhoven

+31 (0)61413 7395

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