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Artist in Residence ZIN

Boxtelseweg 58
6260 AV Vught NL


The AIR ZIN is intended for all art disciplines. For Kloosterhotel ZIN, art offers a starting point in being open to the less obvious in everyday reality. Art can be an eye opener for hotel guests. That is why, already from the start, Kloosterhotel ZIN sees art as an essential tool to bring groups into contact with the meaning of their work, with the spirit from which they motivate themselves and with the power of creating and recreating when establishing new values.


The AIR ZIN is part of Kloosterhotel ZIN, founded by the Brothers of Tilburg. It is located in the former gardener’s house. On the site, the studio fulfills the role of a laboratory for the arts. Frank Havermans, the first artist to stay there, designed and built a residential unit in the open space. The length of the studio is 12.30 m and the width is 6.95 m.

The former monastery, which was renovated by architects Markx & Steketee, offers meetings and training courses in which people work towards a sustainable society, guided by meaning and work. It is anchored in the spiritual tradition of the brothers but at the same time it stands firmly in the present.

The committee that advises the place of art in this organization consists of: Gerie ten Cate (director Kloosterhotel ZIN), Joost van Dijk (entrepreneur), Paul van Dijk (artist), Diana Franssen (curator), Caren van Herwaarden (artist), Yvonne Hopstaken (chef and contact person).


– A committee assesses the applications for the residency on the quality of the work and tries to form an impression of social and communicative skills appropriate within the community of ZIN.

– The artist is challenged to make contact with the working community and the guests in his own manner, in a way that fits within the hospitable atmosphere of the house.

– No financial contribution is requested. We do try to build a modest collection of artworks that the guest artist offers after the working period. At least if the art takes on a form that qualifies for it. In addition, it is interesting for the guest artist to give the guests of Kloosterhotel ZIN insight into their work through a workshop, studio visit or lecture.

– During the residency period, the artist is part of the working community.

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Boxtelseweg 58
6260 AV Vught NL


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