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Leo XIII Straat 90h
5046 KK Tilburg
The Netherlands


Gastatelier Leo XIII is an artist initiative that offers (young) artists the opportunity to develop their work and artistry over a period of four months. It focusses on artists who devote themselves to a 21st century continuation of questions deriving from the tradition of the 20th century avant-garde. A generation for whom new and social media go hand in hand with traditional disciplines.


During artist talks, debates and symposia, topics are raised about the attitude of ‘the artist’ and their relation to the discourse of art in our time. Leo XIII initiates a dialogue that extends beyond its own identity and dares to question it.


This artist-in-residence programme creates room for experimentation and reflection. The guest studio is a large studio in a quiet area, but is also located near leading centers of contemporary art and research, such as museum De Pont and the Textile Museum. The artist is linked to an external expert (curator, critic, theoretician) with whom he/she can engage in dialogue. The working period ends with a publicly accessible presentation and an online publication.

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Leo XIII Straat 90h
5046 KK Tilburg
The Netherlands


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