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Make Eindhoven

NRE area
Gasfabriek 12
5613 CP Eindhoven
The Netherlands


A playground for creative and artistic makers who want to explore the possibilities of materials and techniques. A place to experiment, innovate, create and stimulate; to share knowledge. Where others see mistakes, we see possibilities. By following an unknown road, you learn new skills and anticipating surprising results.

Make Eindhoven offers facilities to work with glass, metal and graphic techniques. Explore and research the possibilities of materials and techniques together with us, free from the pressure to have production immediately. With the range of different techniques, Make Eindhoven offers the unique opportunity to make crossovers under one roof.
Our workshops are designed to work independently if possible. There is no need to master techniques beforehand. Experienced advisors give instructions on techniques, safety and tools. They share their knowledge with you and give you support where needed.


What started as two separate workshops, Stichting Beeldenstorm and Grafisch Atelier Daglicht, became one organization in 2017. Now, after three years of working together as Beeldenstorm/Daglicht, it became time in 2020 to speak as one: Make Eindhoven.
Our story didn’t change. Just the way we tell it. We embrace our heritage, create in the here and now and look towards the future. Above all, we are a playground for creative thinkers and doers whose hands are eager to transform ideas into experiments.


Our task is primarily focused on making projects possible, both facility and support. We focus on creative and artistic makers: artists, designers, architects. They often work on short-term projects. In addition, we offer opportunities for artist-in-residence research in the context of practical in-depth research.

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NRE area
Gasfabriek 12
5613 CP Eindhoven
The Netherlands

+31(0)40 237 09 68

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