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Atlas Initiatief

Veilingkade 12b
4815 HC Breda
The Netherlands


The AIR program of the Atlas Initiative will start in 2022. Artistic and scientific projects are facilitated with the sea-sailing ship “Atlas”. All world seas, coastal areas and sea ports belong to our field.


Stijn de Geus (yacht builder) and Laura Schippers (visual artist) are the initiators of the Atlas Initiative. We are currently building our ideal living and working vessel in Breda, where we are part of the Haveneiland cultural area. In between renovations, regular art events take place on board. For us, the ideal studio is nomadic and self-sufficient, whereby the studio is not a private matter, but is shared with others. We want to make the ship available to artists and scientists, which results in a win-win situation. We make a project possible by, for example, taking the resident to a remote location on the Atlantic Ocean. And the resident brings us to unknown places, which in turn gives us nourishment to come to new work. During a residence at sea, there is intensive cooperation and living, so that you become involved in each other’s work. The exchange of ideas and views and the experience of a sea voyage contribute to the development of each other’s practices.


Professional artists and scientists can submit a project plan. It is advisable to register a project early, so that we can include it in our annual agenda. In this agenda we announce the annual sailing route, projects and places that we visit. It is also possible to sail part of the set sailing route with us. One of the most important criteria is the feasibility of the project plan.

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Veilingkade 12b
4815 HC Breda
The Netherlands


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