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Ecodorp Boekel

Klein Rondeel 103
5427 GB Boekel
The Netherlands


Ecovillage Boekel is an unique, inspiring example for sustainable living in connection with the world. 


In the Ecodorp Boekel Circular district we are going to provide for our needs in a sustainable way. In this way we contribute solutions for all SDG’s in collaboration with our environment. From September 2019 on we will start building 36 houses, a knowledge and education centre about SDG’s, two spectacular tree houses and the AiR.


In January 2020 the AiR will be open. The artist will help with the design of street furniture, making a plan for the forest and designing an entrance for the ecovillage. The artist can also assist in the interior design of the sustainable houses. In 2020 the artist will receive a monthly allowance of € 1.500 excluding VAT per month (if we get the funding for that).
As of January 2021 the AiR will be used for artists working on a SDG, preferably working together with the ecovillagers. Ecovillage Boekel will help getting publicity for the result of the artist. The artist will gain all knowledge, experience, guidance, networks, relations with companies, education and organisations.

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Klein Rondeel 103
5427 GB Boekel
The Netherlands


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